Woodwinalu Passive

//Woodwinalu Passive


Wood aluminium system for energy effective houses

The system is used in modern building with high requirements to energy saving and exploitation conditions because of its perfect using parameters such as thermal insulation, tightness and wind load durability.

Passiv is certificated by the Passive Haus Institute. Coefficient of thermal conductivity is 80

An innovative insulation material with high strength on a foamed polystyrene base is used in this system. Thanks to higher rigidity, Gemini system holders are installed on it. Additional elements, which distinguish the system among the traditional wood aluminium constructions, are as follows: wider main sealant, plastic cord, additional middle sealant and application of Swisspacer Ultimate warm frame.

Order calculation

  • Certificated result of thermal conductivity coefficient
  • Solidity of wooden connection
  • Welded connection of aluminium frames
  • Pressed connections of aluminium frames
  • Certificated width of a cross section is 78 mm
  • Certificated glazing width is 44 mm