Doors “Panel-Exclusive”

//Doors “Panel-Exclusive”

This type of doors can be made from a triple wooden beam, PVC and aluminium using glued panel. Coating of the outside and/or inside side – HPL panel, interline made of noble kinds of wood, tempered painted glass, natural stone or their combination.

Construction and all decoration elements are harmonized individually.

Options of interline for the doors “Panel-Exclusive”

Options of HPL panels for the doors “Panel-Exclusive”

!!! Usage of any other natural stone is possible

!!! Structure of a natural stone is unique; each leaf is discussed individually before performing of an order

Packaging arrangement of wooden doors

Heat transfer resistance of 2,100 x 950 mm wooden doors

The panel is inbuilt into sash and pressed by bead. Doors “Classic”
The panel is glued, covering sash from one side. Doors “Panel”, “Molding”, “Exclusive”
The panel is glued, covering sash from two sides. Doors “Panel”, “Molding”, “Exclusive”

Order calculation

The doors “Panel”, “Molding”, “Exclusive” can be fitted with triple glazing made of tempered glass and triplex
Aluminium porches with thermal bridge

Door locks

Locking in three places without a key is easy

  1. Three fale latches for an ideal press
    Three fale latches are simultaneously fixed in baffles and provide permanent and equable press at the same moment. The doors are pressed tightly as much as possible in a locked condition, leaving draft and dump outside and warm inside.
  2. Locking mechanism is activated automatically
    The main latch activates the locking mechanism and the door blocks. Additionally, a special magnet element controls locking durability. Double control of durable locking. Two crooks and even locking Rigel work automatically. The doors are locking in three places without a key. Increasing of the number of press places is possible.
  3. Durable locking
    Just shut the doors and it will lock itself automatically. Even without a key. Therefore, no one enters, but everyone can leave.

However, in order to prevent the exit of kids or pets without your permission, the doors shall be closed with one turn of the key. Triple protection without locking with RC2, RC3 security class.

“Did I close the doors?”

Each person asks himself or herself this question at least once. The door lock A-TS automatically locks the doors in three places, thereby you just need to shut it up. Triple protection without additional locking with the key.

Open options – according to any need

Manual-automatic A-TS lock

  • Durable locking: automatical locking without a key – you just need to pull it and shut it up.
  • Comfortable opening from the outside with a single turn of the key
  • Comfortable opening from the inside by pressing a grip
  • Locking additionally with the key is necessary only to provide safety of your kids blocking the doors from the inside

A-TS lock with the function “Day mode”

  • It lets you to open the doors without a key by pressing onto the doors – an optional function can be additionally added
  • Ideally fits to the doors, which should be used many times, for example, if kids are playing outside and often return to house
  • Durable press of the doors, even in case of difficult wind situation
  • Function is easily (de)activated by a switchover specially inbuilt inside
  • Electronical open systems are available

A-TS lock with opening limiter

  • The open limiter can be installed optionally for additional safety
  • Possibility of hiding that is visually attractive alternative to the traditional door chain
  • Controlling from the inside using a gripe
  • Opening from the outside using the key simultaneously with the lock – you will need an additional key

A-TS lock opened with an engine

  • Fast opening without a key using the motorized system – can be installed at any time
  • Compatible with the control MACO openDoor system – fingerprint, keyboard, transponder
  • Combining with other systems
  • Integrating into the on-door speakerphone system
  • Comfortable (de)activation of the day mode using an on-wall tumbler
  • Full automatization with manual system
  • Manual opening of the doors with the key is also possible in case of supply malfunction
  • Comfortable opening from the inside by pressing a grip