Woodslide ideaalu

//Woodslide ideaalu
  • – 3,800 mm height
  • – 770-3,250 mm sash width
  • – Up to 400 kg weight
  • – Possibility of producing in combination with one or two sliding sashes
  • – Possibility of producing of constructions with electric gear
  • – Glass units with safe, solar proof and thermal saving glass
  • – Possibility of decorating of glazing with crossbars
  • – Possibility of producing of constructions in such a way that is allows us to fill a door aperture up to 18 m.
  • – Sash is always at the same height both in closed and opened conditions.
  • – Sealing elements disconnect from the box with central lock mechanism at the moment of opening, and sash can easily move.
  • – Engineer property of a moving part provides an easy sash movement and the contour press system is responsible for stable and full closing.
  • – Doors can also be ventilated in a closed condition.
  • – Burglar retardant airing. While micro ventilation is fully blocked, window durability does not reduce at the same time.
  • – Possibility of painting of an aluminium profile in any RAL color.
  • – A, C opening schemes.

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