Plastwin 82

//Plastwin 82


  • – 6-chamber A-class profile
  • – 3 contours of sealing
  • – 48 mm glazing
  • – Round bead
  • – Round sash
  • – 82 mm montage width
  • – Frame height 123 mm only
  • – Lamination on grey, brown and caramel base

System of the future from Elwin is as follows: profile system of Brügmann blueEvolution series with 82 mm montage width. It combines energy saving qualities, innovative sealing installing technologies and perfectly fits as a component of an energy-saving house. Thanks to optimized profile constructions of a frame and bead with improved warm characteristics and thermal-insulation 3-chamber glass unit, warm loses reduce extremely.

Innovative 6-chamber profile construction with 82 mm montage width and the new sealing system provide the best thermal insulation and optimal energy saving. In addition, the system is made of 100% recyclable PVC.

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